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The colour monster

Inspired by The colour monster book

Moon sand, dinosaurs
Insect sand tray
Messy play

Coloured moon sand and dinosaurs

Insect sand tray

Spaghetti, rice, corn flakes, noodles, beans, and rice cake

Messy play

Water with white paint, pompoms, glitter, feathers, spoons and pots

recycling tuff tray
recycling tuff tray ideas
recycling sand tuff tray ideas

Recycling Theme: Small Worlds and Sand Tray

The color monster

Inspired by The colour monster book

Messy play

Corn flour, blue paint, water, shaving foam, sand and shells

Sand tray

Sand, dinosaurs, logs and pompoms

Children activity - Doll house

Doll House with garden

Pretending play - vet

Pretending Play: Vet

Sand tray - wild animals

Sand + Animals (Noah's Ark)

Water / Ice Tray

Coloured Ice Cubes

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